dancing by herself

In the middle of cooking K’s lunch the other day, I took a quick peek around the corner to make sure she was okay. As Ko has started saying, K being quiet is almost always K getting herself in trouble.

This time, however, I saw something very different. I had put on a Japanese kids’ CD before I started cooking, and we had spent a few minutes dancing together. When I peeked around the corner I saw that she was still dancing. At first she had a stuffed bear by the paws and was holding it out like a dance partner and circling. But soon she let the bear drop and just swayed and danced in circles by herself, making happy kind of gurgles and shuffling her feet. She seemed to be in a little dream world all her own.

It’s the first time I’ve really seen K alone in the sense that people can be alone. felt a sense that might be called shock, but I have to admit that I also felt a deep happiness of my own. Her little inner world looked like such a nice place. It touched me deeply.

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