cranky baby

The baby has been very cranky lately. She is learning to walk and friends I’ve asked have suggested that this is a key moment and the inability to nap and difficultly falling asleep is due to her brain is going overtime. This seems right to me. It’s not that she’s in a bad mood so much as she’s just seems unable to shut her mind down.

The only thing that seems to help is getting out to the apartment, which is a new phenomenon. Yesterday I was at the library for five hours or so and Ko was home with the baby alone. By the time I got home Ko looked like she had been run over by a truck and the baby was sitting on the floor cranking.

She would wave a book and insist on having it read, but when I would start reading to her she would start flipping through the pages until she closed the book, then pick up another book and start squawking for that one to be read. She wasn’t precisely in a bad mood so much as caught in overdrive with no ability to slow herself down. (I can identify!)

Ko had to take a half an hour bath. She said she had cold chills and she looked like she had been sucked dry. I can identify with that too.

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